Why learn English?



Why learn English?


English is a language which is universally used amongst foreign language speakers. When foreigners meet they usually speak English.


It is commonly spoken throughout the world as a mother tongue and as a second language.


English is the language of science and most scientific papers are written in English, no matter of the author’s nationality.


English is the language of the Music and Movie Industry, knowing it will help you better enjoy entertainment.


Access to knowledge: Most websites are in English, there are many books on any subject available in English, English newspapers and magazines can be bought almost everywhere in the world, you can also watch international news with full comprehension.


With the knowledge of English travelling will become easy and more enjoyable. You can easily communicate with people and understand announcements at airports and train stations.


Boost your career opportunities – international business is done in English.


English is easy! Simple alphabet, short words, the words don’t have many forms like in other languages.


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