14 facts about studying abroad

Would you like to study abroad, but don’t know if the best time is now? Studying abroad means a lot of fun, you get in touch with other cultures, persons from all over the world and, in addition, you have the possibility to learn something new.

So the answer is very easy: The best time is now. Check our language schools on CourseFinders and start your first (or next) language trip!

Facts about studying abroad

1) You could improve your soft skills, like the ability to work and to interact with people from different countries.

2) The most popular host countries for international students are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany.

3) You could improve your language and communication skills.

4) The experience “studying abroad” could influence your interactions with persons from different cultures.

5) Studying abroad is essential because in 2025, 45 % of the world’s largest copanies will be based in emerging markets.

6) While attending a language course in another country, you will meet natives, but also students from other countries.

7) If you want to study abroad, you could choose the country you want.

8) The most employers think that an international experience is important.

9) Studying abroad makes you richer: You know yourself better after being in another country.

10) The global number of students who study abroad rises with an annual increase of 10 %.

11) Studying abroad may not be as expensive aus you think it is: there are always countries which are less expensive than others. Check our language schools and their prices here.

12) While studying abroad, your self-confidence will increase.

13) About 25 % of students meet their life partner during stay abroad.

14) Graduates with an international backround (like studying abroad) will get greater professional responsibility.

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