Useful words and sentences in Dutch

Useful words and sentences in Dutch

Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, but also in a part of Belgium. So there are about 25 million people who speak Dutch as first language. It is one of the Germanic languages and has a lot of similarities with German and English. The vocabulary of Dutch is mostly Germanic, but incorporates more Romance loans than German and fewer Romance loans than English. So it can be said that Dutch is a language between German and English.

Useful words and sentences in Dutch

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Good morning!

Good evening!

Good night!


Tot ziens!


dank u
thank you



Hoe heet u?
What is your name?

Leuk u te ontmoeten.
Nice to meet you.

Hoe gaat het met u?
How are you?

Goed, dank u!
Fine, thank you!

En u?
And you?

Hoe oud ben je?
How old are you?

Ik ben … jaar oud.
I am … years old.

Spreekt u Engels/ Frans/ Duits/ …?
Do you speak English/ French/ German/ …?

Ik spreek geen Nederlands.
I don’t speak Dutch.

Ik begrijp het niet.
I don’t understand.

Ik weet het niet.
I don’t know.

en beetje
a bit

Wat betekent dat woord?
What does this word mean?

Kunt u me helpen?
Can you help me?

Waar is de luchthaven/ station/ hotel/ …?
Where is the airport/ station/ hotel/ …?

Ik heb gereserveerd.
I have a reservation.

Heeft u nog kamers beschikbaar?
Do you have any rooms?

Wat is dit?
What is that?

ingang / entree


één, twee, drie, vier, vijf, zes, zeven, acht, negen, tien
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, dondersdag, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

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