Study French in France for college or work

French is a wonderful and romantic language. If it’s your dream to study French in France for college or work then our guide will help answer all your questions and show you which language schools could be right for you!

Why study French in France?

One of the main reasons to study French in France is that it is always easier to learn a language in its country of origin. You will also learn faster because of the opportunity to talk to natives and being in touch with the French culture.

In addition, French is one of the most spoken languages and it could help you to get your dream job or to gain more international contacts. Studying French in France would be an asset on your CV and would show that you are open-minded and motivated to reach your goals.

Which visa do you need to study French in France?

Not everyone needs a visa to go to France. If you aren’t sure yet, you can just take three minutes of your time and answer the questions here.

There are two types of visas: the long stay visa which allows you to stay for more than three months and the short stay visa which allows you to stay for up to three months.

Check this website to get all information about the different visa types and the documents you need or how to apply for it: France-Visas – The official visa website for France.

What does it cost to study French in France?

If you want to study a foreign language in another country, you will need a financial budget. With these exemplary costs of living you can calculate most of your expenses in advance. Here are the main ones:

  • Getting to France
  • Language school fees
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Getting around the city (I.e. public transport)
  • General spending

Studying French in France will always cost more than staying at home. But if you think about it before you go there, you won’t have any problems!

Getting to  France

It always depends where you are, but the easiest way to get to France is usually by plane. Here are some examples:

from London to …

… Paris: 65 €
… Marseille: 35 €
… Bordeaux: 50 €
… Toulouse: 50 €

from Berlin to …

… Paris: 100 €
… Marseille: 100 €
… Bordeaux: 150 €
… Toulouse: 120 €

from New York to …

… Paris: 500 €
… Marseille: 500 €
… Bordeaux: 450 €
… Toulouse: 500 €

from Los Angeles to …

… Paris: 550 €
… Marseille: 650 €
… Bordeaux: 650 €
… Toulouse: 650 €

from Hongkong to …

… Paris: 750 €
… Marseille: 1000 €
… Bordeaux: 1100 €
… Toulouse: 1000 €

from Sydney to …

… Paris: 950 €
… Marseille: 1200 €
… Bordeaux: 1200 €
… Toulouse: 1200 €

Another possibility is to take the train or the bus, which also means a longer journey. For each of these options you should buy a ticket as soon as possible to get a good price. But if you want to take all your things with you, the best option is by car!

Language school fees

The final price of your language trip which also includes the language school fees always depends on the chosen language school, the language course and the weekly hours. Remember that accommodation is charged on top of tuition.

On CourseFinders you can find more than 140 different French schools to study French in France for college or work, so search now to find the best one for you. After comparing prices between the schools you can then contact them and they will make sure you get the best price.

Accommodation in France

Check the website of your language school because most of them will help you to find accommodation for the length of your stay. If they don’t, you can also search by yourself. Always depending on your budget, you will have different options to choose from.

Facebook groups, online advertisements or simply Google can also help you to find the right accommodation.

If you are concerned about the price you should consider the length of your stay, the district and the size of the room or the apartment.

Our tip: First, book a place to stay for the first week or two and then look for permanent accommodation once you’re there, perhaps with new friends.

What to eat in France

In a homestay you will have breakfast, dinner and maybe a packed lunch included. But also many language schools offer lunch. Nevertheless, there are always days to go out and have lunch or dinner in a restaurant. So, here are some possible costs: A basic lunchtime menu including a drink costs about 15 €, a combo meal in a fast food restaurant about 8 €. In France, you will also find many bakeries which offer a lunch menu for 7 €.

In addition, here are some other costs (e.g. in the supermarket):

  • 12 eggs: 4,40 €
  • 1 litre milk: 1,10 €
  • bread for 2 people per day: 1,10 €
  • 500 gramme of boneless chicken breast: 5,90 €
  • 1 kilogramme of tomatoes: 1,70 €
  • 1 kilogramme of apples: 2,50 €
  • 5 l domestic beer: 1,80 €
  • 1 bottle of red table wine (good quality): 8 €
  • 2 litres of Coca-Cola: 2,10 €

Getting around the city in France (i.e. public transport)

The easiest way to get around in bigger cities is by public transport. For a monthly ticket you have to pay about 70 €. You could also use single tickets (the price depends on how far you travel) if you don’t use the public transport very often.

General spending

France and its cities have many things to offer. So you will also be spending some money in your free time. Here is a list with a few examples of what you can do while studying French in France and how much it costs:

  • basic dinner in a neighbourhood pub (for two persons): 40 €
  • dinner for two in a restaurant (including appetisers, main course, wine and dessert): 60 €
  • 2 tickets to the movies: 20 €
  • 2 tickets to the theatre: 60 €
  • a cocktail drink in a club: 12 €
  • a beer in a neighbourhood pub: 6 €
  • a cappuccino in a café: 3,70 €
  • a month of gym membership: 50 €

What should you do while you study in France?

France is a wonderful country with a breath-taking landscape. You have the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic ocean, mountains and different climates. But there is a lot more to do …

Try French food

Trying food is one of the best methods to get in touch with a new culture. Here are our suggestions:

  • Foie Gras
  • Galettes and Crêpes
  • Oysters
  • Cassoulet
  • Quiche
  • Tartiflette
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Eclairs
  • Macarons

Visit different places

In France, you should try to visit as many cities as possible while you’re there. Each of them has its own flair and each one can surprise you …

In Paris you could visit the Louvre, the Cathedral Notre-Dame or the famous Eiffel Tower.

If you are in Bordeaux, you should visit the Wine museum, the Place de la Bourse or the Grand Théâtre.

In Nice, the Promenade des Anglais, the Old Town and the Parc de la Colline du Château are waiting for you.

The cathedral in Strasbourg is a highlight, but also the Quartier des Tanneurs, the small France, is a must-see.

Get in touch with the culture

While studying abroad it is important to get in touch with locals, the lifestyle and the culture. So try to do as many things as possible and enjoy your daily life in France!

What are the best language schools to study French in France?

On CourseFinders, you can find more than 140 language schools in France. Here is a small selection:

S.L. Immersion France – Saint-Saturnin-Iès-Avignon

The S.L Immersion France offers authentic stays. The language courses take place in the residence of the native French speakers which will help you to learn French faster. The qualified teachers welcome students from a basic to an advanced language level from all over the world.

Here you can get more information: S.L. Immersion France

St Denis Int’l School – Loches

In Loche, you can attend general French language courses, but also summer courses or tailor-made programmes for schools. In addition, the school also helps you to find the right accommodation for the length of your stay and offers many other activities like local cultural events or cooking classes.

Here you can get more information: St Denis Int’l School

Institut de Touraine – Tours

The Institut de Touraine is located in the city centre of Tours and offers different French language courses. You can attend general French classes, exam preparations or French courses for specific purpose. Moreover, Tours is in the beautiful Loire Valley which offers many sights to visit.

Here you can get more information: Institut de Touraine

ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet – Montpellier

This language school is located in the historic centre of Montpellier and offers a wide range of courses for all purposes. With qualified and motivated teachers you can improve your French language skills in a wonderful city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Here you can get more information: ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet

Campus International de Cannes – Cannes

The Campus International de Cannes was created in 1931 and offers language courses in 15 different levels: from beginner to perfection. In front of the sea, the school welcomes students from all over the world who want to improve their French language skills with professional teachers.

Here you can get more information: Campus International de Cannes

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