Use films to learn a foreign language

Use films to learn a foreign language

Films are a good possibility to improve your language skills. You could watch them at home – with a lot of snacks – and learn a language with fun!

Which film is a good choice?

In general, you could watch every film you want. But if you are a beginner, you should start with easier films. Those “easier” films are for example films for children or films you already know.

Unknown films or those which have a complicated story are a better choice for learners with an advanced level.

And of course, the most difficult films are those which are in dialect forms.

But the most important criteria is the thread. That means that you don’t have to understand every single word. It is important that you understand the story and so that you don’t loose the thread!

What is about the level of difficulty?

Not every film has the same level of difficulty. So if you don’t know it, answer these questions for a first opinion:

  • Is it a film for adults or for children?
  • Have you already watched the film and do you know the story?
  • Is the film interesting?

Especially the last question is important! You will only watch a film you like.

And what is about the subtitles?

Subtitles could help you to understand the film, but it is very important that you stay in one language.

If you watch a film in French and the language level is too difficult, you could watch the film with subtitles. These subtitles should be also in French.

That has one reason. Just with the spoken language and the subtitles in one language, you will learn something. If you have the subtitles in another language, you will only read them and you won’t concentrate on the spoken language.

And an extra-advice for you: Start with one film per week and you will get better in your learning language!

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