European Day of Languages 2017

European Day of Languages 2017

Every year, on the 26th of September, millions of people in 45 countries celebrate the European Day of Languages which is declared by the Council of Europe. The day should promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, but also altert the public to the importance of language learning – in language schools, but also for study purposes, for professional needs or just for pleasure. The day exists since 2001 and every year, more and more people participate to celebrate languages.

Events in different countries

The European Day of Languages is celebrated in 45 countries in Europe and each country offers special events on this day. You can just celebrate the day or participate on language exchanges or workshops. So check the events in your country or try the online events.

European Day of Languages …

… in France

“Speak dating” in Strasbourg, “Rallye des langues” in Paris or “Le jardin des langues” in Auxerre – 44 events about languages in one country. Be a part of it and participate!

→ Here you can check all events in France!

… in Italy

“Al centro del mondo” in Triggiano, “Exchanging letters across Europe” in Olbia or “Festa delle lingue” in Rome – Italy offers 39 events. You could visit the city, celebrate the European Day of Languages and get in touch with different language schools.

→ Here you can check all events in Italy!

… in Ireland

There you have the possibilty to visit four events: “Oktober Fest” in Greystones, “Step into the shoes of a translator” in Galway, “German breakfast” in Co. Offaly or “Scoil Bhride” in Tuam.

→ Here you can check all events in Ireland!

… in the United Kingdom

So if you are in the United Kingdom at the moment, you could also find a lot of events in your country: 28 events about languages. You could visit the language festival “Languages of Europe” in London, “Journey in Translation” in Leicester or you could participate at the “language quiz” in Belfast.

→ Here you can check all events in the United Kingdom.

Of course, there are a lot of other events. Check this website to find an event for you! And one more extra-tip: There aren’t only events today. You can find events for other days, too!

Start today!

It isn’t necessarily to wait for an event in your hometown. You could also start today and begin to celebrate the European Day of Languages.

In an easy way!

You could plan your next language trip, find your language school with CourseFinders and check the official website about the European Day of Languages. There you can get interesting facts about different languages, test your knowledge or learn something about sign languages. (Here you go: EDL.)

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