Accent Français (Montpellier / Languedoc-Roussillon / France)

Trust the #1 Language school in France! We are very proud that Accent Français has been voted "Best

Alpine French School (Morzine / Rhône-Alpes / France)

Alpine French School in the French Alps is a unique language school offering quality French classes combined with amazing activities! Why not learn French and at the same time try...

Inlingua La Rochelle (La Rochelle / Poitou-Charentes / France)

Visit us and improve your French with us in La Rochelle! Throughout the year, you can join our French classes and learn at your own personal pace, because we teach in very small groups with people...

French in Normandy (Rouen / Upper Normandy / France)

in 2008,2009,2010,2011and again in 2012 making the school the first Superstar School in France (5wins) . Since 2013, the

IFR - Institut Français Riéra (Cannes / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / France)

CANNES : Capital of cinema, city of stars and luxury, Cannes is famous across the globe for its International Film Festival. The third largest city in the Alpes-Maritimes after Nice and Antibes,...

LSF (Montpellier / Languedoc-Roussillon / France)

LSF Montpellier is one of the most established and well-known French language schools in France and

Alliance Française - Montpellier (Montpellier / Languedoc-Roussillon / France)

Our French school boasts all the resources and conviviality for a successful immersion in the French language and culture. Our French language school is an ideal base to learn French while enjoying...

Lyon Bleu International (Lyon / Rhône-Alpes / France)

, 2nd city in France. Our school offers a harmonious and convivial environment for French language

Alliance Française - Lyon (Lyon / Rhône-Alpes / France)

in Rhône-Alpes region 3rd Alliance Française in France 2 500 STUDENTS per year 130 DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES

Institut Européen de Français (Montpellier / Languedoc-Roussillon / France)

-round in France, for students, teachers and professionals who have come to study or perfect their French