French in a restaurant

French ina restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants in France and if you want to order or to ask something you have to speak French. You could taste the French kitchen and get in touch with the French lifestyle. But for that you need some sentences in the right language, but also some words (for example to know what it is exactly).

Sentences in French

In a restaurant

Je voudrais retenir une table pour ce soir, pour quatre personnes.
I would like to reserve a table for this evening, for four persons.

Est-ce que cette table est libre?
Can we take this table?

Une table pour deux, s’il vous plaît.
A table for two, please.

To order something

Je voudrais avoir la carte / la carte des boissons, s’il vous plaît.
I would like to have the menu, please.

J’aimerais quelque chose de typique pour la région.
I would like to have something typical of this region.

Est-ce qu’il y a des demi-portions pour les enfants?
Do you have small portions for children?

Je suis diabétique / végétarien / végétalien.
I am a diabetic / a vegetarian / a vegan.

Vous avez choisi?
Have you decided?

Qu’est-ce que vous voudriez boire?
What would you like to drink?

Un verre / Une bouteille de …
A glass of / A bottle of …

Pay the bill

L’addition, s’il vous plaît.
The bill, please.

J’ai pris …
I had …

Je n’ai pas pris …
I had no …

Je paie le tout.
I pay everything.

Le repas était excellent.
The meal was excellent.

Voilà pour vous.
This is for you.

Cause for a complaint

Je n’ai pas de …
There is missing …

C’est froid / trop salé.
That is cold / too salty.

Vous pouvez le remporter, s’il vous plaît?
Would you take that back, please?

Words in French

Vegetable and herbs

  • ail = garlic
  • aneth = dill
  • artichaut = artichoke
  • asperges = asparagus
  • avocat = avocado
  • betteraves = beetroot
  • câpre = caper
  • chanterelles = chanterelle
  • courgette = zucchini
  • oignon = onion
  • persil = parsley


  • abricot = apricot
  • cerise = cherry
  • figue = fig
  • fraise = strawberry
  • framboise = raspberry
  • pêche = peach
  • poire = pear
  • pomme = apple

Fish and meat

  • gamba = king prawn
  • maquereau = mackerel
  • rouget = red mullet
  • langouste = crawfish
  • thon = tuna
  • agneau = lamb
  • boeuf = beef
  • porc = pork
  • veau = veal


  • bière = beer
  • eau de vie = hard liquor
  • café = coffee
  • thé = tea
  • jus = juice
  • lait = milk
  • vin blanc = white wine
  • vin rouge = red wine

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