How to learn in a passive way

How to learn in a passive way

Learning a language doesn’t mean to go to a language school or to learn only grammar. Learning a language is more. You have a lot of possibilities to learn and to live the language – at home or wherever you are.

How to learn in a passive way

The active way to learn a foreign language is to study vocabulary, repeat grammar explications or do exercices to get better. All these things you can do at home at your desk or in a language school. But there is also a passive way to learn a foreign language.

#1 Listen to music!

You can listen to music at home, but also in the bus, in the car or (if you have an ipod) also in the park or while doing sport. Music can motivate you and we are sure, you will find a lot of new singers and bands you haven’t known before!

If you want, you can also sing the song, read the lyrics or just dance to feel the music and – of course – the sound of the language you learn.

#2 Read books or magazines in the foreign language!

Reading is one of the best things you could do in your freetime. So why not reading books in the language you learn? You can discover new authors, but also new words or special expressions!

Sometimes a book is too much for the first time. In this case you could also start with short articles in a magazine or newspaper. Just try it!

#3 Use recipes in the language you learn!

You like cooking and you search always new recipes? Then have a look in a cookery book which is in your learning language. You will find a lot of new dishes, facts and you will explore the country in a different way.

Just start learning in a passive way!

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