Why right now is the best time to start learning languages



Why right now is the best time to start learning languages


Have you always been telling yourself that you want to learn a foreign language? But there are so many obstacles in your way – not enough time, no resources, no money, no motivation. Quit the excuses!  Find out why you should start learning languages right now and get motivated to do so.


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Language learning, like many other life goals, usually is quickly given up on. We like to think, talk and read a lot about our goals and the means to achieve them, but actually doing activities to reach them is the real challenge.  Most people don’t even get to that point and abandon their goals at planning. Others start and get discouraged quickly.


So why is right now the best time to start learning languages?


When you want to reach any goal, whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight or learning languages it’s best and usually most successful to start straight away. That is because at that very moment you have the most enthusiasm and are highly motivated. Remember to take small steps and to have realistic expectations (that will fight off discouragement!).

The longer you will be putting off the start of achieving your goal, the less significance the goal will have to you. After all you have been putting it off for some time already, is it really worth your time? This kind of thinking will never allow you to be successful.

Starting right now and working out some kind of system will help you make a habit out of achieving your goal. Learning languages, even for 10-15 minutes every second day can bring great results if you do it for half a year.


So let’s do it! Start now.


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