Two-week language course abroad – is it worth it?

You have definitely heard about the possibility to go on a two-week language course abroad. It sounds interesting, but will you actually learn the language? Is it a good idea to study abroad? Find out what you can gain from such a course.


How to make the most of your short language course

Two weeks seems to be too short amount of time to make progress in language learning. Indeed, this is not a lot of time, but if you use it well, you can greatly benefit from a short language course.


Make sure you want to learn a language

If you think that a language course is an interesting idea for a vacation, and learning is just an addition, then such a course may not be a good choice for you. Think about it. Definitely choose a language that really interests you and which you want to actually learn. A holiday trip can be a great start to your language learning journey.


Choose an intensive course

If you want to make the most of your two-week language course abroad, choose an intensive course. You will have more lessons a day and you will be able to focus on learning. Nevertheless, you will also find time for yourself. An intensive course is 25 hours or more a week, or at least 5 hours a day.


Get inspired

A two-week language course abroad is a great opportunity to get inspired by language. On such a course you might not reach language fluency. You can however develop a liking of the language so that you learn it fully even if not abroad.


Get to know the people

People from all over the world come to learn languages abroad. You can make very interesting acquaintances. Your common language may be the language you came to learn. And after the course, you can keep in touch in this language, which everyone will benefit from!


Continue at home

Once you learn the basics of a foreign language on a language course abroad, continue your education at home. You can use the services of a language school, a private teacher or learn by yourself.



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