Using summer to learn a foreign language

Summer is just a great time. The days are longer, the sun shines and everybody’s mood is better. Therefore, summer is the best season to learn a foreign language, to improve your language skills and to reach your goals.

Using summer to learn a foreign language

William Shakespeare said a long time ago:

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

And if we say the truth: Summer is only 93 days long. That’s not a long time. Therefore, you should be realistic with your seasonal goals. Be sure that you can reach them during these 93 days without big problems.

A goal should be …

… clear and easy to understand. It isn’t good to say “I want to learn Spanish.” You know the language, but you don’t know on which level you would like to speak it. Use long sentences to formulate your goal. Here is an example of a goal that motivates you: “I want to learn Spanish. After the summer, I want to be able to read easy texts, to make small conversations with natives and to listen to slowly spoken podcasts. I want to learn every day to make progress.”

Moreover, another advantage of summer is that the days are longer. You will be more motivated because of the good weather and it seems that you have an extra hour every day. Use it and try to read, to listen to music, to talk to natives or to do something else to improve your language skills. Also Jeannette Walls, an American authoress, determined that:

“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.”

Language schools in summer

Try to use the time you have and take your things wherever you go. You can learn in the open air bath, in the garden, at the beach or in your hammock. It doesn’t matter. Just use the short season to improve your language skills and to get better. If you also want to holiday, you can attend a language course in another country. Search now and find the best school for you!

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