Collocations with time



Collocations with time

Collocations are pairs of words or sequences of words which are often used together. Below you can learn the most common collocations with the word ‘time’ and read some examples.


As the pace of life increases, time is what people need the most. Learn how to talk about time with these examples of common collocations with the word ‘time’.


Spend time

Definition: to pass time doing something, an activity

Example: I like to spend time learning foreign languages.


Waste time

Definition: to do something that isn’t productive or which isn’t a good use of time

Example: Stop wasting time playing games and do your homework.


Make time

Definition: to find time to do something when you are busy

Example: You need to make for daily exercise in order to be healthy.


Have time

Definition: to be available to do something

Example: John doesn’t have enough time to study for his test.


Run out of time

Definition: to not have enough time to complete a task

Example: Jane ran out of time before she could finish the test.


Take time off

Definition: to not go to work, take a holiday

Example: After finishing a difficult project my boss told me to take some time off.


Stall for time

Definition: to delay, to cause a delay on purpose

Example: I tried to stall for time before Sarah could make it to the meeting.


Pass the time/ kill time

Definition: to do something to make the time go by faster while you are waiting for something

Example: Kate was reading a book on the train to kill time.


Just in time

Definition: at the right time, at the perfect time

Example: We made it just in time for the flight.


Take your time

Definition: you don’t have to hurry, you can use as much time as you need

Example: It’s a difficult decision – take your time.


Save time

Definition: an efficient solution which can give you extra time

Example: If we take this shortcut we will save some time.


Spare time

Definition: free time, with no obligations, during which you can do whatever you want

Example: In my spare time I like to read novels and walk my dog.


Have a hard/ rough time

Definition: to have a difficulty with doing something, or a difficult period in life

Example: Greg had a hard time doing his physics homework.


Pressed for time

Definition: in a hurry, in a rush, when you need to do something quickly

Example: I know you are pressed for time so I’ll try to go through my points quickly so we can finish the meeting earlier.




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