8 dos and don’ts of studying abroad



8 dos and don’ts of studying abroad


Each year thousands of students decide to study abroad. Often cultural differences and trying to settle turn out to be a bigger challenge than the new school, group assignments and bizarre subjects. One of the most important things in going abroad to study is to represent your country well and to show respect for the new culture you are being welcomed in.


The dos of studying abroad


Embrace the differences

Depending on how far away from your home country you are travelling the cultural differences that you encounter can be that much greater. However that is not something you should worry about, rather something to embrace and enjoy. Travel is all about meeting new people, new customs, new cuisines and getting to know another way of thinking.


Try new things

It’s easy to try new things in a new place, because there are so many new things you can try. Another plus is doing it with newly met people, who might also be doing that same thing for the first time. Nothing brings people together better than new experiences.


Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is a great way of keeping track of all your memories and is a great way to complement your photographs. How many times have you forgot what monuments or even cities are pictured on your camera? Don’t let that happen again and write down some notes on the best places to visit and special memories.


Go to classes

Studying abroad isn’t a vacation, even though it might seem like one. A foreign country, new people, parties and sightseeing can get your focus off of studies. Don’t let that happen! If you get carried away you might have to repeat a semester and why do that when you can have all in moderation.


The don’ts of studying abroad


Don’t pack your whole house

When packing to study abroad remember to take only the necessary things, but be prepared for any weather. Pack smart – pack the things you need and pack outfits that match.


Don’t only spend time with other study abroad students

Try to divide your time between locals and other study abroad students, that way you will get a chance to learn the language, go to great places, the locals know and get to know people from all over the world.


Don’t get caught up with what’s going on at home

You will miss a lot of things that are going on at home. That’s inevitable! So don’t try to keep up with everyone and everything, this will only make you homesick and you will miss out on your study abroad experience.


Don’t party too much

Meeting new people and finding cool new places are great reasons to party and of course you should party a little, but don’t let things get out of hand and let your stay abroad be one long party. Try everything in moderation!


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