Cambridge English Exams – are they worth it?



Cambridge English Exams – are they worth it?


Cambridge English provides universally recognized qualifications for learners and teachers of English and they have more than 100 years of experience in working with English. If you are a learner of English, regardless of your level, you must have heard about First Certificate, Advanced English (CAE), Proficiency or IELTS at some point.


Why choose Cambridge English Exams?

Choosing Cambridge English Exams is the easiest choice to make as they are probably the most popular and globally-known English certification exams in the world. On top of that they are recognized by 20 thousand universities, companies and government institutions around the world for language verification.

Cambridge English Exams are based on real life situations and the exams are not just a formality, but will prepare you for everyday life, work and university situations and will help you develop your communication skills. These exams can help you get into your dream university, help you excel at work or help you communicate with people around you.

Also “99% of the top 100 universities included in the Times Higher World University Rankings 2015–2016 use Cambridge English exams to verify the English language skills of students.” You can use Cambridge English Exams to guarantee a positive study experience in one of the world’s top universities.

But are the exams what they really claim to be? You can find out where the Cambridge English Exams can take you by watching these videos showing the story of three different people who took First Certificate, Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency exams.


Where will a Cambridge English: First exam take you?


Where will a Cambridge English: Advanced exam take you?


Where will a Cambridge English: Proficiency exam take you?





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