Why you shouldn’t study abroad with a friend



Why you shouldn’t study abroad with a friend


Studying abroad is an experience which might get you out of your comfort zone. Being in another country, living with strangers, being away from relatives and friends, being surround by people who all speak another language – all of that can give you a feeling of unease. You might think it would be  good to bring a friend with you so you can go through this together. That’s not a good idea and below we will tell you why.

No matter if you are going abroad to learn a foreign language or study at a university or college, going with someone you know is going to take something away from the experience.

Bringing a friend is taking the easy way out of the situation. If you do bring someone with you, you will most likely spend most of your time with them and miss out on meeting new people and experiencing new things, but most of all you will miss out on practicing your foreign language skills.

Of course these new experience will make you feel a bit uneasy and you will definitely be out of your comfort zone, but that’s exactly what experiences like studying abroad are for. It will be a chance for you to see that you can make it through this and make the most of this new experience.

Finally thanks to going alone you can focus on studying, without your friend distracting you, after all your are going abroad to study! So make the most of this opportunity, be dedicated to learning, functioning in a new environment, meeting new people and learning about a new culture.


So make studying abroad an adventure of your life time and depart on that adventure alone and open to new people and experiences!


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