Unusual or fun ways to learn a language



Unusual or fun ways to learn a language


Nowadays people usually don’t have the time to traditionally learn languages. Sitting down a couple of times a week with workbooks, a pen and a notebook just doesn’t seem to fit into our schedule any more. There are many fun and unusual ways to learn a language, sometimes even in a passive way that doesn’t require much of your attention. Check out these unusual or fun ways to learn a language and incorporate them into your life today, you will soon see results!


Listening to music

I bet you’ve heard this one many times. But did you really try it? It works. You can either actively listen to music and read the lyrics at the same time, underline words you don’t know and look them up in a dictionary or you can make a foreign language playlist and play it in the background when guests come over or in your car when you drive to school or work. Even passively listening to music can help you learn, if you really like a song it will get stuck into your head, you will automatically learn the lyrics so you will not only learn new vocabulary but also the pronunciation.


Go to a restaurant

Choose your favorite cuisine – French, Greek, Italian? – find a restaurant and eat dinner there. When you order pay attention to the original name of the dish and not only the translation. Menus are usually bilingual and can easily help you learn vocabulary related to food and cooking.


Watch something

If you’re a movies fanatic mix business with pleasure and watch your favorite movies with subtitles in a foreign language. You will quickly pick up on new words. You can also watch foreign movies with subtitles in the original language if you’re feeling confident or subtitles in English if you don’t know the language too well.


Listen to your inner child

Buy some children’s books in a foreign language, if you are at beginners level they will be just right for you, if you are more advanced in the language try books for teenagers. But this isn’t the only thing you can do. Find some games for children online for example memory or crossword puzzles and use them to learn new vocabulary.



Do you like to surf the net but are not looking for something specific? Why not do that in a foreign language. Read some gossip, some articles about health, news etc. Anything you like. Don’t try to translate every word (unless you really really want to) but rather try to understand then general point of an article.


Post-it your home

Stick labels on everything in your house. On furniture, food items, everyday things, in the bathroom. This will help you learn this group of vocabulary very quickly.


Make friends

Spend some time with people who are as passionate about a language as you are. You can share your knowledge with each other and get motivated by one another. Talk to them about your failures and successes in learning maybe they have been going through the same things.



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