Language jobs


Language jobs


Check out the perfect jobs for language lovers, where your language skills will come in handy every day and not just when working with foreign clients.



Tourist guide

This is the right job for you if you enjoy history, like sightseeing, are a people’s person, like spreading your knowledge or if you are passionate about your city and country. This is a fun, but responsible job, because you will be dealing with a group of people. There are many different options you can be a tour guide around your city to foreigners or to your fellow countrymen abroad or try a bit of both. If you are a free spirit and like to travel this might just be the right job for you.


Organizer of cultural activities

This job’s focus is on people and organizing their free time. Usually you will be an employee of a hotel or a travel agency and your everyday tasks will require you to make sure guests staying mostly in resorts are having a good time, talking to them, organizing sports, games during the day and shows or trivia in the evenings.


Language teaching

Language teaching involves a lot of learning and you, as a language lover will feel content. If you are passionate about languages you might just love sharing your knowledge with others and helping them overcome obstacles. Maybe native speakers are the best when it comes to teaching an accent or speaking, but someone who has learned a language to fluency independently has a lot to offer and can share insider tips on dealing with certain obstacles in a language. This job can be very convenient; with today’s technology you can teach languages through skype and language exchange portals.


Foreign Service Officer/Diplomat

This job mainly refers to working in an embassy abroad and providing consular services and representing your country abroad. Apart from fluency in at least two languages this job requires a set of specific skills and a demanding training. This is a more serious job than the previous three and only some people will find that it could suit them. This is the right job for you if you are a patriot who would be proud to represent their country abroad and could move to different countries a lot.


International Client Manager

As an international client manager you work closely with clients from abroad and you are their main source of information and their first contact. Your job is mainly to cooperate with them and ensure that the business relationship is going in the right direction. The more languages you know the more client groups you will be able to manage. This job will also require knowledge of a certain industry that you will choose to be working for.


International Flight Attendant

If you like languages, travelling and are good with people this job will be perfect for you. This job gives you the opportunity to travel the world and visit place that otherwise you wouldn’t have a chance to visit. Dealing with people can always be demanding, but the right approach and staying positive goes a long way. You can also meet a lot of people and make international connections.


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