Phrasal verbs with look



Phrasal verbs with look


Look after (someone or something)

Meaning: to take care of someone or something

Example: Brian always looks after his parents’ dogs when they go abroad.


Look ahead

Meaning: to think about the future

Example: When I look ahead I see is settling down together.


Look away

Meaning: avert your eyes

Example: Sue looked away when a nurse was drawing her blood.


Look back on

Meaning: to think of past events

Example: When I look back on my childhood I get emotional.


Look down on (someone)

Meaning: to consider someone or something as of less value

Example: John is looked down on by his peers because he comes from a modest family.


Look for

Meaning: to seek, search for

Example: Maggie is looking for the perfect wedding dress.


Look forward to (something)

Meaning: to feel excited about something that is going to happen

Example: I’m looking forward to meeting my brother’s girlfriend.


Look into (something)

Meaning: to investigate something

Example: I looked into my finances because I was spending too much money.


Look out

Meaning: to be careful

Example: You should always look out when you cross the street.


Look (something) over

Meaning: to examine or inspect

Example: My boss instructed me to look the budget over and make some cuts.


Look through

Meaning: to read something quickly

Example: Amelia looked through her notes before the exam.


Look up

Meaning: to search for, for example in a dictionary

Example: I look up words that I don’t know in a dictionary.


Look up to (someone)

Meaning: to admire someone

Example: Johnny looks up to his older brother, who is very successful.



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