Business English Online Resources



Business English Online Resources


Business English Pod

This podcast contains over 300 lessons covering Business English essentials useful for negotiations, meetings, management, presentations and more. It is free only for a trial period. The premium version includes transcripts, example phrases, exercises and flashcards. Video Vocab, which focuses on English vocabulary for business, is a part of the Business English Pod but is free. Podcasts are divided into topics such as management, law & legal, accounting and finance, project management, technology and IT, sales and marketing; and economics.


English Club Business English

In this part of the English Club website you will find business English vocabulary and very useful tips. Topics include business letter, business presentations, negotiations, meetings, resumes and covering letters, business English vocabulary and money.


Business English Site

On this site you will find business English vocabulary training in the form of exercises. The content was created by people with many years of business experience, who use business English every day. The content is divided into topics such as general business terms, sales & marketing, accounting, banking, finance, information technology, medical English, other types of business English and business English grammar exercises.


British Council Business and Work

This part of the British Council’s Learn English section provides resources aimed at helping to develop business English skills. There are three series available on the site Business Magazine, Professionals Podcasts and You’re Hired. Business Magazine is a series of articles which can help you improve your business English skills and vocabulary by tacking popular business topics. Each article includes exercises to practice the newly acquired knowledge. The two remaining series are podcasts, one focuses on the journey through a recruiting process and the other on various topics related to business and working in general.


Business English Vocabulary Word Lists

This site offers basic business English vocabulary lists and many types of games and quizzes to practice them.


BBC Learning English

BBC offers three series which focus on English at the work place – English at Work, Talking Business and Get that Job. English at work is a podcast about communication and everyday problems in the office. Each episode contains a transcript and a question to check your listening comprehension. Talking Business is a course which provides useful language and phrases to improve business English skills in various business situations. It consists of four modules – Telephone, Meetings, Presentations and Negotiations. Get that Job takes you step by step through the process of searching for a job. It’s based on activities and exercises.



This is a website of a business magazine called Entrepreneur. Here you will find articles focusing on marketing, finance, technology, starting a business and more. You can use this as a resource to improve reading comprehension, learn new vocabulary and read relevant news related to your field.


Beyond the internet

Using online resources is a great way to start learning Business English, but nothing can beat the real thing. Living and learning in a country that speaks the language you want to learn will teach you not only the language but the culture. This can be really important in business situations when you are trying to build trust.  Invest in an “English for business” course at a language school. Such lessons offer more than just resources, you will be taught by native speakers that know the business world and you can practice your skills by role-playing with other students or giving presentations. You might even meet useful business contacts for your future.


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