10 tips for Erasmus students



10 tips for Erasmus students


Erasmus is a popular European student exchange programme, which enables students to study abroad for a semester or more. Here are top 10 tips how to survive a whole semester abroad.


  1. Prepare yourself
    Sort out all the paper work before you leave. Choose your courses, find out about healthcare, and arrange your living situation. Think about opening a bank account and choosing a mobile phone operator.
  2. Smart packing
    A semester (or more) abroad is a really long time so your packing has got to be smart. Definitely don’t take all your things! Take only essential stuff with you and remember you can buy small necessities when you are there. Keep the weather in mind when you pack your clothes.
  3. Keeping in touch
    Feeling homesick can ruin your whole experience so plan to stay in touch with relatives and family back at home. Video chatting may be the best choice because you can both talk to and see your loved ones.
  4. Take a bit of home with you
    In order to make your temporary residence feel more like home take something close to your hear with you. That may be a pillow, blanket, teddy bear, or a photo of friends and relatives.
  5. Don’t give into the blues
    There may be times when you feel sad and alone. You are in a foreign country when most of the people speak a foreign language. It may take some time before you make friends. Don’t give into this feeling! Watch a funny movie or listen to uplifting music to fight the blues.
  6. Remember to study
    Remember that this is a student exchange programme and not a vacation. Studying is the priority of your trip. So plan and make time for learning and doing homework or projects.
  7. Explore the city
    Take advantage of the situation and spend some time exploring the city or even the whole country. It’s a good opportunity to learn about the culture and history of a new place.
  8. Make friends
    You will be surrounded by other Erasmus students from many different countries. Use your chance to make friends with people from abroad, you can visit each other in the future. It will also be easier to make friends with other exchange students because they are in the same situation as you.
  9. Ask questions
    You will have a lot of question and will be unsure of many things. Remember there are no stupid questions and don’t be afraid to ask. You are in a new place and in a new situation it is natural that you have a lot of questions.
  10. Keep busy
    There will be a lot of things to do, a lot of events to attend. Take advantage of that and keep busy. This will not only keep you busy and you won’t miss home as much but also keep you entertained.


We hope these tips will inspire you to make the most of your semester abroad.



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