How to express your love in Spanish


How good is your Spanish? Would you be confident with how to express your love in Spanish?

Once you start feeling more confident with your Spanish you will start wanting to branch out and test yourself with more challenging scenarios. We have already looked at swearing in a foreign language, which is definitely not for the ill-prepared or faint hearted. Now, how about learning how to express your love in Spanish?

If you fell in love with an Spanish speaker it would be a great pity if you didn’t know how to express your love in Spanish. It could even, heaven forbid, cause problems in the relationship.

Equally, lack of vocabulary and confidence using the structures and phrases could hinder your chances of striking up a relationship in the first place.

You will probably know the basic verbs of “querer/amar” (to love) and “adorar” (to adore) but you might not know how to use them exactly as you would want to.

So, here are a few very useful phrases that will help you considerably with how to express your love in Spanish, along with the basic structures of how to use the verbs “querer/amar” and “adorar”:

Querer/Amar: To love
Adorar: To adore

Te/Os quiero: I love you
Te/Os queremos: We love you
Te/Os amo: I love you
Te/Os amamos: We love you
Te/Os adoro: I adore you
Te/Os adoramos: We adore you

Te quiero/amo tanto: I love you so much
Estoy loco/a por ti: I’m crazy about you
Te quiero con locura: I’m crazily in love with you
Estoy completamente enamorado/a de ti: I am totally in love with you
Te quiero/amo con todo mi corazón: I love you with all my heart
Te quiero/amo más que mi propia vida: I love you more than my own life
Eres el amor de mi vida: You are the love of my life
Te querré/amaré siempre: I will love you forever
Nunca voy a parar de querer/amar te: I will never stop loving you
Quiero estar contigo para siempre: I want to be with you forever
Te quiero/amo cada día más: I love you more and more every day
No puedo expresar con palabras cuánto te quiero/amo: Words cannot describe how much I love you
Siempre pienso en ti: I am always thinking of you
Sin ti no soy nada: Without you I am nothing

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