Perfect packing



Perfect packing


Packing is the nightmare of all travelers. Too much luggage or forgetting to pack something important can take the toll on your trip. Here are a few tips for perfect packing which can help you better prepare for your travels.


Plan ahead

Plan when you are going to pack. This is important because first you need to prepare the things you want to pack. For example wash your clothes and iron them. Leave enough time for packing, if you want to do it right give yourself some time.


Make a list

Making a list and crossing of packed items is the best way of not forgetting anything you planned to take. Some people are not fans of making lists and pack spontaneously. These people usually forget something (J). Don’t get carried away and only put necessary things on the list.


Smart packing

When it comes to clothes think of all the outfits you want to wear. This will help get rid of clothes which don’t match anything else you’ve packed. It’s best to dress in layers so you’re outfits can be adjustable to weather.


The method

The key is to find the perfect packing method so that you fit all of your necessities in a reasonably sized bag. A good idea is to roll your clothes instead of folding them and also stuffing your shoes with socks and underwear.


Beauty products

In order to save space in your luggage you can buy travel size cosmetics or take samples with you. Make sure to avoid any spilling by securing the tops of bottles with plastic wrap before you close them.



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