Online French learning resources



Online French learning resources


Learn French with these free online resources and start your journey with French today!


BBC Languages French

Here you can take a test and see what level you’re on in French. You can learn the basics, French phrases, French vocabulary and grammar with Ma France as well as watch online video lessons. There is a lot to choose from and the variety of materials will make learning French fun.


Loecsen French

This site will teach you basic vocabulary and pronunciation. Vocabulary is divided into topics such as essentials, feelings and learning.


The French Tutorial

A comprehensive French tutorial divided into sections. Covers grammar and vocabulary.



Is a fun game-like app which teaches grammar, vocabulary, phrases, spelling and pronunciation. You advance to higher levels as you progress in learning and you can win in-app prizes.


Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life

This is a French course, which is divided into modules. Each module is divided into topics. The course keeps track of what you already completed. The course focuses on vocabulary and grammar. It’s free but you need to register.


Learn French with Pascal

This site teaches you vocabulary and grammar. There is focus on pronunciation – you can play audio files to hear how something is pronounced and then you can record yourself and check if your pronunciation is correct.


Learn French

Offers an interactive way to learn French. You can master French words and phrases playing games. Perfect for kids.


Free French Online

This site offers a course divided into lessons. There are three categories: grammar, audio practice and vocabulary lists.


Je French

Helps to learn basic French. Each lesson consists of a cartoon video teaching phrases and pronunciations and a there is a transcript below.


Best French Movies on Netflix

Learn French by watching movies – a nice alternative to traditional learning.




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