5 ways to feel at home when studying abroad



5 ways to feel at home when studying abroad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to travel, explore the world, learn a new language, make new friends, and broaden your horizons. But you can miss out on all of that if you are feeling homesick and don’t make full use of all your possibilities. Check out these five ways to make you feel more at home when you are studying abroad.


  1. Prepare before you leave
    Before you leave home take a couple of things from your room that make you feel comfortable and that really give you that ‘at home’ feeling. These can include: a picture of your family or partner, an old teddy bear, your favorite blanket, a dear gift from your family, a snuggly pillow, etc.
  2. Get to know your host family
    When you get to your destination you will be greeted by your host family. Try to get to know them the first night. Sit down with them in the evening. Tell them about yourself and ask questions about them. These people will be your substitute family for some time so treat them with respect. They will support you throughout your time abroad and help you feel at home.
  3. Arrange your surrounding
    When you get a room assigned make sure you make it feel a little bit more like home. Arrange your stuff in the room and put the things you brought from home in sight so that your surrounding will feel familiar.
  4. Make friends
    Make friends with the people you meet. This can include people from school, your new neighbors, kids of the hosting family and their friends. Spend some time with them and have fun. Keeping busy and making new friends will steer your thoughts away from feeling homesick.
  5. Keep in touch
    Think of how you are going to keep in touch with your friends and family back at home when you are abroad. Are you going to use video calls? Maybe a messenger? Or both? Decide before you leave and talk to everyone involved about it.


If all else fails remember that you are there for a definite period of time and you will return home. Also don’t forget why you chose to study abroad and try to make the most of this experience!



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