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There’s nothing like travel blogs to inspire you to travel and learn languages. Following the travels of interesting people can get you motivated to start your own trip. Authors of travel blogs have tons of extremely useful tips for you! Here are 6 travel blogs which in our opinion really stand out.


NOMADIC MATT – Travel better cheaper longer

A travel blog, which not only shares experiences and photographs from the authors travels including his “18 lessons from 5 years around the world”, but also gives great advice and tips for fellow travelers on everything connected to the topic. These include how to get inspired, how to save up for your trip, what to bring, insurance, how to travel on a budget, tips for travelling couple and solo female travelers. On the website there are over 40 travel guides to countries and regions such as Australia, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Nicaragua, Romania, Honduras, Ireland and many more. These guides include information such as typical costs of accommodation, food, transportation and activities; money saving tips; and top things to see and do. Nomadic Matt also recommends companies for travel gear, booking, airfare, accommodation and even his favourite travel books and movies.


Y TRAVEL BLOG – Travel more. Create better memories

The blog starts off with a perfect step-by-step guide to how to plan your perfect trip. The guide takes you through tips before your travel such as saving money and choosing a destination; travel research and planning covering issues like how to find cheap flights and save money on accommodation; deciding on your travel style – family travel or solo travel; preparations before you leave including choosing the right travel gear, how to pack like a pro and tips on choosing insurance; and finally on the road with travel photography tips, saving money on the road and staying safe and healthy. It’s a gold mine of travel information and advice to make your travels carefree and pleasant. The blog itself covers interesting topics such as “5 ways to deal with solo travel negativity from family and friends”, “How to maintain a yoga practice while you travel” and “Tips on walking holidays in France”. On the blog you will find guides for six regions of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory). You can also choose to view the posts by regions of the world to find information on the country you are planning to visit. There is a travel resources section where the authors recommend products and services they use. The resources include searching for flights, booking accommodation, guide books, travel eBooks, travel insurance, equipment, travel photography and even accounting for when you’ve been working abroad.



NOMAD REVELATIONS – Travel blog with ideas & exotic narratives to inspire independent travelers

As the author himself says, this blog is “an archive of 15 years of travel experiences, exotic narratives & adventure chronicles to get you inspired and explore the world on your own.”  By clicking on destinations you will get to see travel guides for all continents and highlights from different countries and inspiring places to visit. In the best travel experience section the author gives you insight to some unique travel experiences that might not be so commonly spoken about. Here are a couple to get you interested: Berber triple marriage in the Sahara Desert, being a monk in a Buddhist monastery, feeding wild hyenas in Harar and hot air balloon ride in the valley of the kings. The travel kit includes recommended companies for bookings and travel arrangements. Don’t skip the visited countries section as it is very impressive! The author lets you know which countries and regions he has visited and how many times. You can also take a look at his travels year by year and month by month. You can also choose to view articles related specifically to accommodation, adventure, boat trips, driving, food, motivation, overland, people, resources and wildlife. I recommend the resources section where you will find articles such as “How to do laundry while traveling”, “How to plan a trip – travel planning ideas” and “Meaning of the flags of Europe”.


THE BLONDE ABROAD – An award-winning female travel & lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion and photography from around the world.

On the homepage you can check out all the countries the author has visited on an interactive map. Clicking a country will take you to a dedicated page with articles and videos about the country, an interactive map with points of interest and travel products essential in that country. The section on travel tips includes topics such as female travel, solo travel, adventure travel, budget travel, luxury travel, student travel and volunteer travel. Through destinations you can get to articles on countries and cities you are looking for. The activities section includes articles focusing on sailing, diving, cycling, roadtripping, glamping, hiking, swimming and snowboarding. There you will find articles such as “The Beginner’s Guide to Yacht Week”, “The Blonde vs. the Death Road”, “Fairytale Cabin Lodging in California”, “Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru” and “Best Hotel Pools around the World”. In interests you will find articles and tips about fashion, festivals and food as well as videos and photos. Some useful tips include: 10 helpful travel tips for vegetarians, tips for travelling with glasses and how to pack for the yacht week in a carry-on.



This blog has the biggest coverage on New Zealand and Spain travel, as these are the two countries the author has travelled the most and you can go straight to those articles from the home page. Through destinations you can access articles focusing on other countries like Sri Lanka, Morocco, Holland, Croatia and Jordan to just name a few. In the get inspired section you will find articles such as “How to get paid to travel the world”, “5 surprising things you learn as a solo female traveler”, and “The realities about traveling as an introvert”. The author is very straight forward about running a travel blog and lets you in on insider information and lets you peek behind the curtain of the whole process.


THE EXPERT VAGABOND – Explore the world with me

Adventure travel is the author’s passion and as he explains himself it “is much more than just participating in extreme activities — it’s about breaking out of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in different cultures and trying new things. Seeing the world from someone else’s perspective.” Prepare some steel nerves to wander around this website! Here you can read about cage diving with great white sharks, skydiving over the island of Fiji and hiking Spain’s most dangerous path. The photographs alone leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, not to mention the story. Check out the destinations to find articles on the country you are interested in. Travel resources include travel gear & packing, travel tips & tricks, saving money, travelling on a budget, travel inspiration and useful links.

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