Alcohol can be one of the most useful resources to speak Spanish



Alcohol can be one of the most useful resources to speak Spanish


I would never want to promote the excessive use of alcohol, but when used sensibly and in moderation alcohol can definitely be one of your most useful resources to speak Spanish.


This might not be true for some people. For example, alcohol may not be necessary if you are someone who is naturally very confident with a gregarious character and the inclination to speak to anyone and everyone. Or, of course, if you are someone who is allergic to alcohol or gets quickly disorientated and dizzy.


For the vast majority of Spanish students, however, alcohol facilitates conversation, gives you the courage to put into practice what you have learned and even helps focus the mind on the data of your second language amidst the distractions of your instinctive native tongue.


There are many other useful resources to speak Spanish and you have to make sure you have them all covered. You can’t just buy a bottle of vodka and a ticket to Madrid. You will need some good books, a good teacher, access to native Spanish speakers, open mindedness, curiosity, willpower and perseverance. But the glue that binds all of these elements together is confidence.


One of the most common reasons for failing to properly speak Spanish is insufficient time spent actually speaking Spanish. This may occur because the student lacks access to other Spanish speakers or because they lack confidence in their ability.


Most people can get stuck into the basic grammar and vocabulary. It may be new and unchartered territory and a bit tricky, but the majority of Spanish students know how to study, cope reasonably well at this initial stage and pat themselves on the back at the progress they are making.


Speaking a second language, however, is a different ball game entirely and requires a giant leap of faith. The day eventually arrives when you are faced with taking the plunge and seeing if you can connect your brain your tongue and your second language and actually speak Spanish. It can be a scary prospect.


Alcohol has been tried and tested by humanity for situations such as this and that is why it is one of the most useful resources to speak Spanish.


I am not saying that you will need to continue resorting to alcohol throughout the duration of your time speaking Spanish. Not at all. Alcohol can just be used as an initial springboard into the unknown.


And, as I said, you may not require alcoholic assistance at all.


What we are talking about is simply starting up conversations, understanding and speaking. But it is starting up conversations, understanding and speaking in another language. And if you want to speak Spanish well you need to speak and listen a lot in a variety of different situations.


Many people freeze up and get blocked, convincing themselves that they haven’t got what it takes to speak Spanish. They will find or invent any number of reasons for this.


The trick is in not thinking too much about what you are doing and letting it all flow because you are relaxed, confident and enjoying the experience. Alcohol is one of the most useful resources to speak Spanish because it can facilitate exactly that, open doors and help you to piece the puzzle of your second language together in your brain.


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