Language schools in Rome

Language schools in Rome

Learning foreign languages is one of the best things you could do in life. A few weeks ago we wrote an article about love quotes (you can read it here). One of the “languages of love” is Italian. It has a romantic sound and sounds always like music.

So where could you learn the Italian language? Of course – in Rome, Italy!

Language schools in Rome

Rome is the perfect city for visiting a language school. You can get in touch with history, different people from all over the world, good food and the pure Italian atmosphere. So don’t wait, book your next trip!

Studioitalia – Lingua e Cultura Italiana

This language school is especially for foreigners and it is situated in the city centre of Rome. A few steps from there you can visit the St. Peter’s Chruch, the Via Cola di Rienzo and also the Piazza del Popolo. So it is the perfect start for your sightseeing trip. Next to old monuments you can find restaurants with excellent Italian food, cinemas, bars and a lot of other shops for shopping. Since 1985 the school Studioitalia offers language courses in small classes for everyone who wants to learn the Italian language.

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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

The school Leonardo da Vinci is located in Italy since 1977 and you can find it in Milan, Florence, Rome and Siena. The school in Rome is located in the city centre and offers intensive Italian courses for adults, long term courses and also the preparation for different exams. But you could also visit courses about the Italian cuisine or special senior programs. For students from all over the world the school offers a full service which includes the language courses, the accomodation and the transfer services, but also cultural activities and excursions. This school helps you in a special way to focus on learning the Italian language and enjoy the Italian life.

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If you want to visit Rome for learning Italian, you will get more information here: Your language school in Rome! Just check it out and find the perfect place!

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