Learn more efficiently


Learn more efficiently


There are times when learning comes easy, we stay focused and there are instant results. However there are other times when we just can’t get around to learning, we do anything not to do it and when we finally sit down and try to learn, something interrupts us and we procrastinate. Here is what you can do to stop that from happening.


Make it easy to focus

Turn off your phone, turn off music, let your friends know you’ll be busy for the next hour or so. If you are studying on a computer make sure to not open any social media sites or any sites with funny images, these can really consume your time. If you’ll do all that you will be free to learn.


Prepare your learning environment

Air out your room, make sure there’ll be quit, prepare your studying material. Also use the restroom, prepare some snacks and something to drink in order not to have any excuses to abandon your learning session. You’ll have the perfect peace and quiet for learning.


Make a planned break

If you know you are going to learn for a longer time plan a break. It will not only make your learning process more efficient but will also boost your energy. Don’t make the break too long, 10 – 15 minutes will be ideal. Remember to stay focused during the break and avoid any time consuming activities. Do some exercises, go outside, breathe in fresh air.



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