How to work language learning into your everyday schedule?


How to work language learning into your everyday schedule?


Learn on the go

Make the most of your time when you are in commute to school or work. You can take a language book with you or learn with language apps. You might not have a lot of time but if you do it everyday then the regularity will pay off.


Sign up to classes

If you sign up to classes then language learning will be a part of your schedule and you won’t have to make time for it. You will feel motivated to attend because of your teacher and learning group as well as your declaration to the school.


Learn before you go to sleep

People usually read or watch something before they go to sleep. Why not use this time to learn languages? Pick up a book or even watch a series in a foreign language. There is even a theory that says you remember more of what you learn right before you go to sleep. Try it out.


Learn during your breaks

Whether it’s at school or at work you can use your breaks to learn languages. With the current technology access to resources is available to everyone and there is a variety of options. You can down load an audiobook or e-book, you can use an app, a website or a computer software to make things convenient for you.


Learn with a friend

If you make an appointment with a friend it’s harder to cancel. So pick a friend to learn languages with and aim for a weekly meeting. Your friend can motivate you and you can help each other through hard times in the learning process.


Learn during breakfast time

Why read a newspaper in the morning with your breakfast when you can learn languages? Substitute morning reading with language learning, make it a habit and see yourself progress. If you like your news in the morning why not read them in a foreign language and combine these two activities.

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