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There is a choice of learning methods and people respond to them in different ways.  Depending on the person and their character some methods can be more beneficial than others. For example if you are an introvert or a shy person you might prefer to study on your own. Below there is an overview of a few learning methods – find something ideal for you!


Learning by yourself

This is the cheapest method of learning languages. There is access to numerous valuable resources online nowadays, which makes things easy and convenient. The benefits of this method are freedom of choice – you choose what you are going to be learning; and time flexibility as in you decide when you are going to be learning and for how long. This can be a great advantage for people with busy schedules. On the other hand the person choosing this method should be highly motivated as they cannot depend on other for motivation.  You have a variety of materials to choose from like books, the internet, learning software, apps.

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Learning in a group

This method has many advantages. You feel more motivated when working in a group, because your competitive edge kicks in. You have the guidance of a teacher, who provides materials and resources. You get to know new people and can make friends. You can engage in conversation and practice your speaking skills. When in doubt you can ask other people or the teacher to explain something to you. In general in this method you can depend on other people and not only on yourself.


Learning with a teacher one-on-one

This method combines the benefits of learning on your own and learning in a group. The focus is on you and to some extent you get to decide when and what you’re learning. On the other hand you get the authority of the teacher and feel more motivated by their presence. You can feel even more motivated than in a group because you’re the only student and you have all of the attention. All resources are provided and the lessons are organized by the teacher.


Immersion – study abroad

Another interesting method of learning is travelling abroad to study languages. It’s effective because you are surrounded by the language and immersed in the culture. Its best to study in a language school abroad and get some guidance from experienced people, who can help you get accommodation and tell you the necessary information as well as organize the learning process.

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