7 questions you need to ask yourself before you start learning a foreign language



7 questions you need to ask yourself

before you start learning a foreign language



Before you start learning a foreign language it is important to know exactly what you want and what you want to achieve through the process of studying. Here are seven questions to help you start off the right way!

1)      Which language do you want to study?
Think about why you want to study the language and what you will use it for and where. Is your purpose personal or work-related? What are your perspectives for using the new learned language? See more here.

2)      What do you want to achieve?
Do you want to achieve a basic level or fluency? Set your goals from the very start, but stay flexible. Prepare to execute your plan and stay focused.

3)      What is your motivation?
Do you stay motivated easily? Your motivation is an important factor in choosing the method to study languages – alone or in a group.

4)      How will you study?
Do you prefer to learn by yourself using books or a computer software, private lessons with a tutor or maybe in a language school? Consider your options and the benefits of each method.

5)      What is your regime going to look like?

Think about your everyday routine and how you are going to fit language learning into your day. Make plans and adjust them as you go.

6)      What do you hope to gain?
Think about the benefits you expect from learning a foreign language. Are they personal? Are they work related? This will help you choose your learning goals and set a pace for studying.

7)      Is studying abroad an option for you?
Language and culture immersion is a great way to learn foreign languages. Is this an option for you? If not now then maybe in the future? Read more about studying abroad here.


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