English idioms relating to feelings

English idioms relating to feelings

In every language, you will find idiomatic expressions relating to the weather, to different animals or to culinary things, but also relating to feelings. To get in touch with these expressions, you have to visit the country and talk to natives.

So if you want to learn more about that phenomenon, about their meaning and how to use them in your daily life, you could attend a language school or ask an English native in your city.

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Idiomatic expressions relating to feelings

1) carry the torch

Meaning: having strong feelings for someone with whom you can’t have a relationship
Example: “She has been carrying the torch for Mark, before she met Lucas.”

2) fit to be tied

Meaning: being very upset, angry or irritated
Example: “He was fit to be tied when Sarah’s cat dug up the climbing plant.”

3) ants in one’s pants

Meaning: being very excited about something
Example: “We wish he would relax. He has got ants in his pants about the match today.”

4) nice as pie

Meaning: being kind and friendly (surprisingly)
Example: “After his first argument, the boss was nice as pie.”

5) wear your heart on your sleeve

Meaning: allowing others to see your feelings
Example: “You could see that he was hurt – he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

6) as pleased as punch

Meaning: feeling satisfied or being delighted
Example: “Marc was pleased as punch whe he won the bet.”

7) feel on top of the world

Meaning: feeling wonderful, great
Example: “Lara has been feeling on top of the world since she got the assurance.”

8) having mixed feelings

Meaning: reacting to something with conflicting emotions
Example: “I have mixed feelings about talking to my boss.”

9) bare your heart to someone

Meaning: revealing one’s thoughts and feeling to someone
Example: “Sarah couldn’t keep things to herself any longer, so she decided to bare her heart to her mother.”

10) proud as a peacock

Meaning: being extremely proud
Example: “When Luke won the bet, his best friends was as proud as a peacock.”

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