Getting over the learning hump


Getting over the learning hump


There are times when learning languages gets tough and you just can’t get over that hump. Here are a few tips to help you make progress.


Accept it

It happened – you are stuck. You were learning a language and there came a moment when you couldn’t just pull through. Maybe you lack motivation or something is hard to understand. The first thing to do is accept this situation. Only after that you can move on and start acting.


Head on

Never go down without a fight they say and you really shouldn’t. Try to identify the reason behind your learning hump.  Once you know what the problem is it will be easier to do something about it. Whether your motivation has gone down, you have trouble understanding something or you can’t get back into your routine after vacation – don’t get discouraged, there is hope yet!


Take a break

Give yourself time off from learning. Make it a couple of days. This alone can solve your problem and if not it is still good to take a breather. Sometimes you can get overworked or other aspects of life can get in the way.


Sleep on it

If you have a problem with understanding a certain grammar issue and you’ve been trying to deal with it all day it’s a good idea to let it go. Go to bed and sleep on it. A new day may bring new ideas and better comprehension.


Loosen up

Do something fun, find something to make you laugh. The right attitude can get you through this. You can listen to music in the language you are learning or watch a funny movie.


Change it up

Rethink your strategy. If you are learning on your own at home try something different. Why not join a language course and find motivation in group learning. You can find your perfect language school here. If you are tired of books, why not find a podcast and try a different approach.


Don’t give up

Keep practicing and you will get better. Power through the problem. As long you are working on it you are making progress.

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