False Friends in French

False Friends in French

As an English speaker you could find false friends in other languages. A few weeks ago we wrote an article about false friends in Italian which you can read here. But also in French you will find a lot of false friends which could be a little bit confusing for language learners.

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False friends in French

  • Excité: means frenzied; excited is translated as enthousiaste

  • Jolie: means pretty; jolly is translated as enjoué

  • Chatte: means female cat; to chat is translated as bavarder

  • Apologie: means panegyric; apology is translated as excuses

  • Blesser: means to injure; bless is translated as bénir

  • Librarie: means bookshop; library is translated as bibliothèque

  • Sensible: means sensitive; sensible is translated as raisonnable

  • Monnaie: means currency; money is translated as argent

  • Bras: means arm; bra is translated as soutien-gorge

  • Ancien: means old; ancient is translated as antique

  • Attendre: means to wait; to attend is translated as suivre

  • Blessé: means injured; blessed is translated as béni

  • Bouton: means spot, button; button is translated as badge

  • Déception: means disappointment; deception is translated as tromperie

  • Envie: means urge, craving; envy is translated as jalousie

  • Journée: means day; journey is translated as voyage

  • Location: means rental; location is translated as endroit, emplacement

  • Grappe: means bunch; grape is translated as grain de raisin

  • Coin: means corner; coin is translated as pièces or monnaie

  • Prune: means plum; prune is translated as pruneau

  • Raisin: means grape; raisins is translated as raisins secs

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