The 8 most important words in a foreign language

The 8 most important words in a foreign language

Learning a language means learning new words – at home or in a language school. But the good aspect is that there are always some words which are used nearly every day. And it doesn’t matter which language you are learning because these words are always important – in every country and in every situation.

The 8 most important words in a foreign language

#1 Thanks. / Thank you.

A native speaker or a student in your language class will help you faster if you are polite. So it makes a lot of sense to learn the word “thanks” or “thank you” in your learning language. In addition you could use it in nearly every situation: in a shopping centre, in class or also at home.

#2 Please.

“Please” is the counterpart to “thanks” and could help you to get support from others. If you ask somebody something and you add a “please” to your question, the person opposite will help you more readily.

#3 Yes.

How often do you say “yes” in your mother tongue? Maybe every ten minutes? In your learning language it will be the same. Learn “yes” in your foreign language to use it as often as you can.

#4 No.

If you know the word “yes”, it will be good to know also the word “no”. “Yes” and “no” are two small words which are often used – in every language.

#5 Hello.

Every conversation starts with the word “hello”. It doesn’t matter if you meet friends, if you go into a shop or if you just want to greet other persons in a waiting room. You will often need “hello” in your daily life. If you want to read more about the small word and the 12 world languages, you could read this article: Hello and Bye in the 12 world languages.

#6 I’m … / I am …

With words like “I am” you could say a lot in a foreign language. It is like a text block which you can use to introduce yourself. You could say for example:

  • I am Marc.
  • I am from France.
  • I am vegetarian.
  • I am at home.

Translate “I am” in your learning language and search for sentences you could say to introduce yourself or to offer information to others.

#7 Sorry.

“Please” and “thanks” are two polite words, but there is also “sorry”. You need it nearly every day because you could use it if you want to ask something, if you accidentally bumb into somebody or if you interrupt another student in your language class.

#8 Bye.

One of the eight most important words is “hello” which you can use to start a conversation. But to end a conversation you need another word: “bye”. More about the word “bye” you could read in our article “Hello and bye in the 12 world languages”.

So what should you do now? Translate these eight words in your learning language to be able to use them in conversations and written texts. And if you want to learn more about a foreign language, you could attend one of our language schools all over the world.

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