6 reasons to study in Italy

6 reasons to study in Italy

Learning a language means always a lot of work. But there are language schools all over the world whose teachers could help you to make progress faster. In this article we talked about different cities and their language schools. But you don’t need a special city, there are countries which have also a lot of sights to visit. For example: Italy.

6 reasons to study in Italy

Italy is the only country in the world where Italian is really spoken. With all the gestures. So it makes sense to go to Italy as an Italian language learner. But why is Italy the right choice?

1) You have a lot of language schools.

The country has a lot of big and small cities with different language schools. In addition you could choose the region because there are a lot of differences between the north and the south of Italy. Maybe Rome is your choice because of the sights? Or Bologna because of the student life? Or Naples to have as much Italian lifestyle as possible? It doesn’t matter! Be open and you will find the best city for you.

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2) You have a varied landscape.

Italy has a varied landscape: You can choose between mountains in the north or hills, for example in the Tuscany. And of course the sea which is nearly everywhere.

3) The Italian language is everywhere.

Wherever you go – in a supermarket, in a shop or in a bar – you will always hear the Italian language and the different dialects. You could practise the things you learned in school and you have the possibilty to get in touch with natives. (Italians aren’t like the persons in your language book.)

So get to know all the Italians to learn more about their language.

4) The Italian dishes are very good.

If you don’t find any reason to study in Italy, that would be one: Italians know how to cook. They have the best pizza and the best pasta in the world, but also the risotto is very good. The Italian dishes are unique and maybe you have the chance to learn the cooking basics during your language journey.

5) The weather is better.

And of course the weather is better. Italy is in the south of Europe and is known for the sunny days and the high temperatures. The best weather to enjoy your free days while eating a real Italian ice cream!

6) Everybody can help you.

You have a question about the Italian language? Then ask. There are people who could help you because they are natives. So if you have a question, ask the people who are with you. They could help you.

Be interested in the culture, the language and the persons and they will be happy to help you with your learning process. In addition you will meet a lot of new friends.

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