20 language facts

20 language facts

To get more information about languages you have different possibilites:

a) You visit a museum about languages (like this one in Paris).
b) You read a book about languages.
c) You talk to a person who knows a lot about languages (like a linguist).

But also in a language school you have the possibility to learn something new about your learning or your native language.

20 language facts

1. Germanic, Romance and Slavic: These are the three broad groups for a lot of European languages.

2. For example Danish, Norwegian, Swedisch, German, Dutch, English, Yiddish and Icelandic belong to the Germanic family of languages.

3. For example French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanisch and Romanian belong to the Romance family of languages.

4. For example Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Russian and Ukrainian belong to the Slavic family of languages.

5. A lot of languages have more than 50.000 words.

6. But in daily life people use the same words which are only a few hundred.

7. The Latin alphabet is used by the plurality of European languages. Only some Slavic languages use the Cyrillic Alphabet.

8. Armenian, Georgian, Yiddish and Greek don’t use the Latin or the Cyrillic alphabet. They have their own.

9. Half of the world’s population is bilingual or plurilingual. That means that half of the world’s population speaks two or more languages.

10. There are 6000 – 7000 languages in the world.

11. These languages are spoken by 7 billion people.

12. There are 12 world languages.

13. The question “What is the oldest language?” can never be answered in a correct way.

14. The most difficult language you could learn is Basque which is not related to another language in the world. Basque is spoken in the northwesern of Spain and in the southwestern of France.

15. In French you have 13 ways to spell the “o”.

16. One language dies every two weeks.

17. Esperanto is an artificial language which is spoken by more than 500.000 persons.

18. In Papua New Guinea you can find 830 different languages.

19. The largest alphabet counts 74 letters. It’s Khmer, Cambodian.

20. The pope tweets in 9 different languages.

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