What is a good language school

What is a good language school

You have always the possibility to learn a foreign language at home. You could learn new words (for example with Memrise), you could read books or articles in a newspaper and you could do grammar exercices. But is this the best way to learn another language?

Of course, it is a good way. But it is not the best way. You have to find the perfect mix of studying alone and studying with others. Only with others you could improve your language skills faster. These “others” could be a learning group, a tandem partner or students in a language school.

But what is a good language school?

The most important thing of a language school is that the students are happy. And the students will be happy if the courses are good, the teachers are nice and it’s fun to learn a new language there.

Only if you like the language school with their courses and their teachers, you will go there to learn something new. You could find a lot of language schools on CourseFinders.com, but you could also read our article about language schools in different cities.

How to choose the perfect language school for you?

The first part of your decision is to check the offers of different language schools. Naturally, you need one where your learning language is taught. The best chance to find as many language schools as possible is to search in the country where the foreign language is spoken.

The second part of your decision is to choose the right course. Every language school has specific preparational classes for different language certificates and courses for different levels. Only if you choose the right course for your level and your goals, you will reach them and improve your language skills in the same time. (It doesn’t make sense to visit a course for beginners, when you are an advanced learner.)

But the most important aspect to answer the question “What is a good language school” is the following sentence: The language school should help you – in every part of your learning process.

That means that …

… they choose the right exercices for your language level.
… they are helpful and supportive.
… they show you how much fun it is to learn a foreign language.

Let’s go: Find your language school here!

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