Prepare for the Cambridge Certificates

Prepare for theCambridge Certificates

The Cambridge Certificates of English can help you to show your language skills. They are part of the University of Cambridge and are taken by over three million English learners each year. There are two different Cambridge Certifcates: the “normal” ones and the business ones.

The Cambridge Certifcates of English

The “normal” ones exist on the levels A2 to C2 and you can write the exam in over 135 countries. The exams are:

  • A2: Key English Test (KET)
  • B1: Preliminary English Test (PET)
  • B2: First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • C1: Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • C2: Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

If you want to know more about the Cambridge Certificates, you can read this article.

The Business Certificates

The business ones exist only on three levels, which are B1, B2 and C1. They are designed to develop your business English skills. The exams are:

  • B1: Business English Certificate Preliminary
  • B2: Business English Certificate Vantage
  • C1:Business English Certificate Higher

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Prepare for the Cambridge Certificates

If you want to prepare yourself, you have to know which level is the right one for you. To answer this question you could try our new language test, which is powered by Cambridge Assessment English, here on

→ Test your English here!

After knowing the right level, you could start to prepare yourself for the exam.

Write a learning plan!

A plan could help you to organise your learning. You could plan your days, organise your week and learn regularly. But it isn’t enough to write only the plan. You have to follow it!

Choose the right learning method!

Every person learns in a different way, so it is important to choose the right learning method. If you know how you learn, you could make progress in a faster way. To get more information about different learning methods, read this article: Presentation of various language learning methods.

Learn everything!

It’s hard to learn everything and normaly it is not possible. But you should learn for all parts of the exam. That means that you listen to audio books or to the radio, to practise the listening part, that you read newspaper articles, to practise the reading part, and that you talk to other persons in English, to practise also the speaking part.

Visit a language school!

A lot of language schools all over the world offer special preparatory courses for language learners who want to write the exams to get a Cambridge Certificate. Maybe in one of these cities you can find the perfect language school for you:

Language schools in …

… Dublin
… Munich
… Paris
… New York
… Rome

Or try another city on to visit a preparatory course in a language school.

Be motivated!

The last important thing is, that you have to be motivated. If you don’t want to get one of the Cambridge Certificates, you won’t learn a lot and (maybe) you won’t pass the exam. So be motivated and happy, that you have the chance to learn English and to get a certificate, which is valid for your whole life.

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