On the way in Germany

On the wayin Germany

If you want to visit Germany, you will need a few words and sentences. To know these words and sentences you have two possibilites:

1) You have a dictionary with you. All the time.
So you can search a word or a sentence, when you need it.
2) You learn the most important words and senteces before your big journey to Germany.
So you can say hello or bye and you show that you are open to new languages and cultures.

If you want to enjoy your trip, the second possibility will be the better solution. So here are some words you will need:

On the way

The basics

guten Morgen = good morning
guten Abend = good evening
gute Nacht = good night
auf Wiedersehen = goodbye
entschuldigung = sorry
hallo = hello
danke = thank you
ja / nein = yes / no
einverstanden = ok

The time

Stunde = hour
Tag = day
Woche = week
Monat = month
Jahr = year
heute = today
gestern = yesterday
morgen = tomorrow
vor = before
nach = after
Montag= monday
Dienstag = tuesday
Mittwoch = wednesday
Donnerstag = thursday
Freitag = friday
Samstag = saturday
Sonntag = sunday
Feiertag = holiday
Winter = winter
Sommer = summer
Frühling = spring
Herbst = autumn

Here you can read also an article about the numbers.

Stay the night

Hotel = hotel
Pension = guesthouse
Einzelzimmer = single room
Doppelzimmer = double room
mit / ohne Bad = with / without a bathroom
mit Frühstück = with breakfast
Halbpension = half-board
Gepäck = luggage / baggage
Rechnung = bill
Preis = price

On the road

Haltestelle = stop
Bus = bus
Auto = car
Tankstelle = service station
rechts = right
links = left
geradeaus = straight on / straight ahead
Postamt = post office
Bahnhof = station
Flughafen = airport
Kirche = church
Museum = museum
Brücke = bridge
Platz = square

Of course you need more words, but this could be good at the beginning. Just take a moment, think about the thiings you will do and write the words (you will need) down. After that you could translate and learn them to be well prepared for your trip to Germany.

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