Language certificates in different languages – a summary

Language certificates in different languages - a summary

Learning a foreign language is one of the best things you could do in life. You’ll get a better job, you’ll get in touch with different cultures and you will meet a lot of new friends all over the world. But to verify your language skills it is better to have an official document.

What is a language certificate?

A language certificate is an official document which verifies your language skills in a specific language and on a specific level. These levels are normaly based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which includes the level A1 to C2.

Language certificates in different languages

Usually there are language certificates in nearly every language. So if you want to write an exam, you’ll find information in our language schools or in the internet. Sometimes it helps to prepare yourself when you visit a preparational class in one of our language schools.


In English you can find a lot of different exams to get a certificate. Because of the big variety the certificates are specialised. Here are our articles about language certificates and their preparation in English:


Also if you are a learner of the Polish language, you could write an exam. Who can write it, how much it costs and how the exam is structured … you get all information about the Certificate Examiniations in Polish as a foreign language in our article:


There are three certifications of Italian as a foreign language: CELI, PLIDA and CILS. If you are a learner of the Italian language, read our articles. They could help you to choose the right certification.


The most famous language certificate in French is DELF for the level A1 to B2. For the levels C1 and C2 it is DALF. Read these two articles to get all information:


To get a language certificate in Portuguese, you could choose between the exams of the University of Lisbon, the exams of the Brazilian Departement of Education or the exams which are specialised on Business Portuguese. Where the difference are and what you have to observe could you read in our article:


DELE is the most famous language certificate for the Spanish language. If you want to write the exam, check these two articles to know everything about the exam itself and also about the preparation for it:

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