27 tips to learn a language faster

27 tips to learn a language faster

There are a lot of possibilites to learn a language faster – at home or while travelling to other countries. So it is your choice how to learn a foreign language.

Here are the best tips to learn a foreign language faster:

#1 Learn every day a few minutes. Maybe before breakfast?

#2 Make mistakes. They are good to learn new things and get better in a fast way.

#3 Talk to natives whenever it is possible. And as soon as you can.

#4 Write down your goals to know always why you focus on language learning.

#5 Have fun and save your passion for learning foreign languages.

#6 Learn the auxiliary verbs to create sentences in an easier way.

#7 Explain it when you don’t know the real word.

#8 Use Youtube videos to experience different dialects and accents.

#9 Language partners could help you to talk in your learning language.

#10 Use Facebook, WhatsApp and other possibilites to stay in contact with your language partners.

#11 Meet other learners of different languages on polyglot meetups.

#12 You could also invite your international friends to have a great evening with good food and drinks.

#13 Talk to yourself: about your day, your work or your hobbies. It doesn’t matter! The important thing is to speak in another language.

#14 Use only material you like to learn a foreign language. If you don’t like the book because the layout is not good, you will never use it.

#15 Create a plan to improve your language skills regularly.

#16 A learning partner or a learning group could also help you to get the motivation you need.

#17 Maybe you’ll find the perfect learning partner on your next language journey.

#18 Listen to music and podcasts to get a feeling for the sound of the language.

#19 Write the exam to get a language certificate. There are certificates for Spanish, French, English, but also for a lot of other languages.

#20 Another possibility is to buy the next guidebook in your learning language.

#21 Visit a language school.

#22 Start with the most important words. These words are the words you will use very often.

#23 Use Memrise, Babbel or other online services to learn a foreign language.

#24 Write one text per week to improve your writing skills.

#25 Travel.

#26 Read books and magazines. Also reading blogs is a possibility.

#27 After a while learning a foreign language should be your daily routine.

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