Learn German online – the best resources!



Learn German online – the best resources!



Like most people nowadays you probably spend a lot of time on your computer, phone or tablet – in general online. What do you usually do? Look through funny websites, watch cat videos and pin recipes? Well you are just like the rest of us. But finally you can put spending time online to some good use!


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Now you can find about anything online. You just have to think of it and in most cases you will find it on the internet. But when you think about that you usually go for funny and crazy things. How about something useful?


Learn German in a language school to get the full language package.


There are a lot of learning resources online. You can learn about nature, history, politics and yes – languages. There are unbelievable amounts of resources online to learn languages. You just have to know how to find them.


Here are the best resources to learn German online.

Goethe Institut / Deutsch Für Dich – an online community where you will not only find tons of useful exercises for different levels, but also a group of people from all over the world with the same goals who can support you.

Linguee Dictionary – a multilingual dictionary, which shows various examples of how a word, phrase  or sentence can be used  based on real sources.

Forvo – an online pronunciation  dictionary. If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce anything in German this is the resource for you. Find out more about how to use Forvo here.

Radio Lingua’s Coffee Break German – an audio course starting from the beginner level lead by experienced teachers.

Deutsch info – an online German learning platform, where you can find courses, grammar, a media library and more.

iTalki – a language exchange platform where you can find a partner to learn languages with free of charge or find an affordable teacher.  Find out more about language exchange here.

FluentU – this site has a German blog section, where you will find lots of resources to learn German online.

GermanPod101 – an awesome audio course of German.

Die Zeit – if you are an advanced learner you can benefit from reading this German online magazine.

BBC German – a site with various resources to learn German online like lessons, courses, guides, test, articles, phrases and more.

Duolingo – teaches German through a game-like app. Fun and educating.

CourseFinders.com – check out these great German online courses offered by the schools on our site.


Don’t waste your time, take the first step and learn German online – it’s easy, convenient and available!


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