5 reasons to study in Russia



5 reasons to study in Russia


Keep on reading to find out the 5 reasons to study in Russia.


Compare schools teaching Russian in Russia and read reviews from fellow students to choose the perfect Russian school for you and start your Russian adventure today!



Russia has a long and rich cultural heritage. From literature and painting through ballet, and classical music to colorful traditional clothing. It is also a very religious country. Russian architecture is known for its abundance and gold ornaments. A popular symbol of the country are Matrioshka dolls (also called nesting dolls), which are made from wood and have traditional folk costumes painted on them. Each one of the dolls has a smaller one inside and so on.



Whether you want to study at a university in Russia or learn Russian in Russia – there is a variety of schools you can choose. That choice is what draws international students here. You can find exactly what you are looking for.



Russia is a very diverse country. Not only in the sense that many students from different countries in the world come to study there. Rather because the Russian population is very diverse, it’s made up of more than 150 different ethnic groups which speak over 100 languages.



In comparison to studying costs in USA, UK, or some countries in Europe, tuition fees in Russia can be very tempting for international students. However the low costs are not directly proportional to the quality of education! So you can expect excellent education at a low cost.



The courses or studies you choose in Russia are globally recognized. All of the best universities in Russian have joined the European Universities Association. Moreover Russian universities and schools are known for their academic excellence.


Check out schools teaching Russian in Russia.


Learn basic Russian phrases.


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