The most common verbs in Russian

Russian is an East Slavic langauge which has official status in Russia, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzsta and Belarus. In addition it is also spoken in the Baltic States, the Caucasus and in Central Asia. The Russian language is the largest native language in Europe and the eight most spoken language in the world (by number of native speakers).

It is a very important language: On the one hand Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and on the other hand Russian is a great brownie-point to make a successful career.

If you haven’t started learning Russian, no problem! You could start today and learn these verbs which are the most common ones. And moreover, you can have a look on our language schools to attend a language class for Russian.

The most common verbs in Russian

  1. быть – to have, to be
  2. сказать – to speak, to say
  3. мочь – to be able
  4. знать – to know, to be aware
  5. есть – to eat
  6. стать – to begin, to become
  7. хотеть – to want
  8. идти – to come, to go
  9. думать – to think
  10. спросить – to ask
  11. жить – to live
  12. сидеть – to sit
  13. cмотреть – to watch
  14. Bзять – to take
  15. понимать – to understand
  16. Давать – to give
  17. Пойти – to go
  18. писать – to write
  19. Помнить – to remember
  20. бывать – to visit
  21. узнать – to learn
  22. значить – to mean
  23. работать – to work
  24. любить – to love
  25. получить – to receive, to get

How can you learn these verbs?

Russian has another alphabet, so it could be more difficult to learn them. If you haven’t learnt the Russian alphabet yet, start with the letters. After that you could learn five new words a day. With regularity you will learn a lot of words in no time!

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