Prepare for CILS



Prepare for CILS


The name of the test in original is Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera or in abbreviation CILS. This is the equivalent to DELE in Spanish or Test DaF in German. This test is organized and issued by Università per Stranieri di Siena (University for Foreigners of Siena).

To find out more about CILS see here.

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Before preparing for CILS you should choose the level of the exam. Remember that CILS levels correspond to levels B2-C1 identified by the Common European Framework of Reference.

You should take level B1 if you are capable of understanding main points of conversation related to family, work, school and leisure. Can use the language while travelling to a place where it is spoken. Can write simple text on familiar topics. Can give descriptions and explain opinions.

You should take level B2 if you are capable of understanding main points of complex texts. Can communicate with native speakers with ease. Can write detailed texts on various topics, explain an opinion and name advantages and disadvantages of alternatives.

You should take level C1 if you are capable of understanding longer texts and implied meaning. You can express yourself freely and fluently. You can use the language for different purposes – social, academic and professional. Can write detailed, well-structured texts on various, even difficult subjects.

You should take level C2 if you are easily capable of understanding anything that can be read or heard. You are able to summarize information and present it. You can express yourself freely, very fluently and with precision and you are able to differentiate the slightest differences in meaning.


If you would like to study Italian choose one of these schools and take CILS.


Once you have decided on the right level of the exam for you, get ready to plan your preparations. Depending on how high you are aiming ,with basic knowledge of the Italian language and taking into consideration the time you are willing to invest in this you may need from 3-6 months of serious preparation.


Decide whether you would like to prepare on your own using books and online resources or seek the help of professionals and attend a course at a language school.


Compare 367 schools teaching Italian and read reviews from fellow students and make an informed choice.

Below you will find a list of links to online resources.

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