Everything you need to know about TestDaF



Everything you need to know about TestDaF


About TestDaF

TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremde Sprache) is an advanced level examination of the German language, this exam is very student-oriented. It covers levels B2-C1 identified by the Common European Framework of Reference. Passing this exam enables admission to university in Germany and is recognized throughout the country. So if you would like to study in Germany and get admitted to university TestDaF is the exam to take.

At the moment there are almost 400 test centers in 80 countries. In order to register for the exam go to your nearest test center. You have to pay an examination fee. There are fixed dates set for the exams.

Skills which are verified in the exam:

  • Being able to find important information in different types of short texts.
  • Understanding full statements and their details in scientific  and journalistic tests.
  • Being able to obtain specific information in common situations.
  • Being able to follow dialogues or interviews.
  • Understanding presentations of scientific topics.
  • Writing your own, structured and understandable texts with presented arguments.
  • Being able to make descriptions, summaries and comparisons.
  • Being a part of a discussion, adopting a justified position, considering alternatives and making hypotheses.


TestDaF format

TestDaF has four components – reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written examination and oral expression. Reading and writing take 60 minutes each, there are about 40 minutes for listening and speaking, which is computer-aided takes around 35 minutes. You can get three test results – 3, 4 or 5, which indicate you level of skill for each component of the test. Levels 4 and 5 grant university admission, however admission is also possible with level 3.

Reading comprehension comprises of short texts about common university life and you have to assign them  to appropriate statements and two longer texts with multiple choice questions (3 alternatives).

In listening comprehension  you will here four audio texts – a dialogue, an interview or discussion and a presentation. The dialogue requires making notes and answering questions in written form. For the interview or discussion you will have to answer true or false questions. The presentation requires you to give short written answers.

In writing examination it is expected of you to write a text based on guide points and facts presented on diagrams or in tables and structure the text appropriately. You will be asked to take a stand regarding a certain topic and justify it.

In the oral expression you will be given seven tasks related to university situations and you will have to get information, describe graphics and make a summary of their content, you will need to express your opinion and justify it as well as consider alternatives and make hypotheses.


Materials, resources and tips to prepare for TestDaF

These resources include exercises, sample test, recommended books, YouTube videos, tips and more to prepare for TestDaF.













If you would like to prepare for TestDaF by attending a course check out these German language schools and read reviews from fellow students to make an informed decision.


TestDaF brochure


Source: Goethe.de and testdaf.de


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