Best places to study English abroad



Best places to study English abroad


With English being the most popular second language learned by foreigners and practically a “must-have” skill in the work place, the demand for learning English increase every year. In most cases the best option is studying English abroad. Such a learning experiences guarantees focus on the language and an international environment.

While United Kingdom and the USA remain the most popular destinations to study English abroad there are a number of other places which can provide excellent language education. Take a look at our list of probably the most popular destination to study English abroad.


Learn English in England

Why not learn English in England the heart and home of the language. Because England is the most popular destination for learning English the offer of English schools there is vast. The UK has a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and language certificates obtained there are respected and recognized worldwide. Find out more about learning English in England.


Study English in USA

It’s easiest to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken. Why? Because there is no way to escape it! In USA you will be surrounded by English and the American culture. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your American Dream come true and find out if USA is really like what it is shown in the movies. Check out over 1300 English schools in USA.


English in Canada

In Canada English is one of the official languages, which makes it the perfect place for learning English. Canada is famous for polite citizens and forest-dominated land. If you’re a fan of nature and want to explore a new culture this might be the right place for you. Search schools which teach English in Canada.


Learn English in Malta

Malta is also a popular destination for learning English because it is one of the island’s official languages. Moreover it’s a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea – a perfect place to combine learning with travel and leisure. Choose your perfect school and study English in Malta.


English in Ireland

Ireland is a friendly and welcoming country known for its refreshingly green landscapes and quality of education. Irish (Gaelic), English and Ulster Scots are all spoken in Ireland, the first two by the majority. Check out over 150 schools teaching English in Ireland.


Learn English in South Africa

In this former British colony English is one of the country’s 11 official languages. This is another location which is perfect for combining studying with holidays for the ultimate study abroad experience. Search schools which teach English in South Africa.


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