Collocations with come



Collocations with come


Collocations are pairs of words or sequences of words which are often used together. Below you can learn the most common collocations with ‘come’ and read some examples.


Come clean about

Example: Mom, I need to come clean about the vase, I broke it not Tommy.


Come close

Example: The movie was so boring that I came close to walking out of the cinema.


Come early

Example: I always come early for meetings.


Come first

Example: For me family always comes first.


Come into view

Example: We were watching the stars when suddenly a shooting star came into view.


Come last

Example: Greg comes last in every race.


Come late

Example: You shouldn’t be late to meet your girlfriend’s parents.


Come on time

Example: The movie starts at 9 am. Please come on time.


Come prepared

Example: There is a test next week, come prepared.


Come right back

Example: Where’s Johnny? He went to get some coffee, he said he’ll come right back.


Come to a compromise

Example: We need to come to a compromise about our vacation plans.


Come to a decision

Example: The company board has come to a decision to let the senior manager go.


Come to an agreement

Example: During the meeting we came to an agreement to invest in the health market.


Come to an end

Example: I was sad to learn that my internship has come to an end.


Come to terms with

Example: It’s hard for me to come to terms with my divorce.


Come to life

Example: My idea to write a book came to life when I was talking with my childhood friend.


Come up with

Example: I couldn’t come up with any good ideas for my mom’s 50th birthday party.



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